Techy Bee offers to deliver your electronic flyer to parents


Techy Bee’s electronic Flyer Distribution system saves the District money, provides additional revenue to Districts, and provides a electronic messaging system from Schools to the Parents in their Communities.

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Techy Bee provides the most highly effective electronic flyer distribution for community organizations. Simply upload a flyer for the schools in your community, and Techy Bee takes care of the rest!

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Techy Bee’s mission is to notify parents of all school and community news in the most efficient way! With Techy Bee, all parents have the opportunity to learn about school news and youth service ....

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Techy Bee offers an innovative way to deliver your electronic flyer to parents’ email inboxes. We also post your electronic flyer online so parents can easily find, view, and share it! With Techy Bee, you can maximize exposure for your activity, program, or event while helping schools save time and money!

Techy Bee offers free posting of electronic flyers to schools, parent organizations, park and recreation departments, and community organizations that do not charge participation fees.The service fees are for all non-qualifying organizations outside of schools who charge a partipation fee.

The service fee is approximately $10 per school, per approved eletronic flyer distribution. There is no charge to organizations to distribute paper flyers.  These organizations print and distribute approved paper flyers directly to schools selected or through district mail.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to your local school district.